Monday, June 29, 2015


Dear Family,

I love Navojoa!! This place is as dusty as can be, but it's dry instead of humid, making it feel like I'm in Utah. We have around 5 paved roads in our area and the people here are so amazing! I hope the Lord allows me to stay here for a long time. Also, there is a recently returned missionary here who served in the same mission as Elder Womack! I'm so excited to get to know the ward better.

My companion, Hna. Carvajal, is absolutely amazing!!!! She's 4 feet 7 inches tall, from Colombia, is 23 years old, and is finishing up her last transfer before going home. Haha every time I saw her in meetings throughout the mission, I thought she was quiet and reserved. I was totally wrong! Once you get to know Hna. Carvajal, you can't get her to stop talking :) She's super spunky, hilarious, very spiritual, great teacher, and is such a wonderful companion!

I'm learning the area bit by bit. We've been teaching English at the church twice a week, so I've been given the opportunity to brush up my English skills. I accidentally had a dork moment when I started teaching English wrong and an Elder (from Layton. Crazy, right?)  had to correct me. Perdón! No entiendo inglés...

We had the most amazing experience this week. We were helping a family, la familia Duarte, prepare to make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father on Saturday. Two hours before the baptism, we got a text from the mom, Azucena, telling us that her two children weren't going to be baptized that day. She said that her son didn't feel ready to make such a decision. Not knowing what to do, we told Azucena that we were on our way to her house. Before going over, we said a prayer asking for the Lord's help. When we arrived, everyone was happy and ready to head over to the church for the baptism (!!!). Her son, Sebastián, said that he felt much better than he did earlier and that he was ready to make the decision to be baptized. I don't know what the Lord did to solve the problem Sebastián had, but I know that He does His work much better than we do. Missionary work could never be done without help from the heavens. I am so grateful to be part of this marvelous work and a wonder. 

In the end, Azucena and Sebastián had a wonderful baptismal service. The daughter, Mónica, was sick and wasn't able to get baptized, but we are helping her prepare for a later date. We are also working with the father of the household and have bright plans and goals for July.

I love you all! 

Hermana Zubeldia

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