Monday, June 22, 2015

So much, so much!

Dear family,

There is so much to say about this week! I don't even know how to start!

1. We found a new house! I have an apostolic friend here who found us a house. I love my connections :). It's a one room place, but it has air conditioning and it's all new. We moved in on Thursday! Haha Hna. Pech was sad to leave her wet mattress and open door at night. She wanted to turn off the air and use her fan in the new house. Haha she is so fantastic :)

I love the Macapule ward!!! These people are
going to be my friends for the eternities.
Here are the wonderful sisters of our ward...
and a few brothers!
2. After 7 and a half months in Macapule, I received transfers!!! All the members thought I would stay there for 9 months, but oh well. We took so many pictures on Sunday with all the members. My time in Macapule has strengthened my testimony so much. I learned so many things there that I could never have learned anywhere else. Even though the transfer didn't go as I planned, it went exactly as the Lord planned. All the questions I had for Him were answered these past weeks, and I am beginning to see and understand how thorough He is and how complete and perfect His plan of Salvation is for us and our lives.

3. Miracle: we had 52 people at church yesterday! That's the most attendance we have had in Macapule for months!

4. We found the most amazing investigator this week. She felt the spirit so strongly and was so eager to have us come back this Wednesday. I can't wait to hear what happened with her the next time I see Hna. Pech! I testify that street contacting works!

5. Miracle, at church yesterday an old investigator found his way into the chapel. Hna. Garcia and I contacted him around 4 months ago, and he completely disappeared after our first lesson. Turns out, he went to the States and is back in Los Mochis. He, Diego, is eager to talk to the missionaries and come unto Christ. 

6. I'm in Navojoa, Barrio Aeropuerto. I'm in the dry, dusty area of the mission, and I am so excited! My companion is Hna. Carvajal, a delightful sister from Colombia who will complete her mission at the end of this transfer. I am so excited!!! Also, the house has air conditioning ;)

7. Elder Benjamin de Hoyos came to our mission this week. Wow! It was such a fantastic week! Everything he said, everything that the Spirit said, boggled my mind. The Lord is changing the way He wants us to teach, helping the investigators learn to teach themselves. Really, the conferences we had with Him were going with the Spirit. It was like we were having a council with Elder de Hoyos and the Holy Ghost. Every time someone made an inspired comment, Elder de Hoyos would ask, "who taught you that?" Where the reply would be: the Spirit! It was such an amazing week! 

8.... I think that's everything... I love serving the Lord! Time is going by way too fast. Every moment is important and heaven sent!

Love you all,

Hermana Zubeldia

PS: Happy birthday to my mom and my sweet brother!!! I love you guys!
Onward, ever onward, as we glory in His name!

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