Monday, July 6, 2015

Muddy oja

Dear family,

This week was absolutely amazing!!! The spirit was so strong and I learned so much! I don't even know where to start!!!

Hermana García and me.
I love this girl so much!!!!
Really, she is such a great missionary!
We went to Obregón for a conference on Tuesday and guess who was there... Hna. García Soto! The most amazing sister ever! She's back in Los Mochis, but she was at the conference and we were able to have a wonderful family reunion. She's still as sweet as ever! Before the conference, we got to go bowling again. I'm pleased to announce that my bowling as improved! I'm still not good at bowling, but hey, I've been sent to preach the gospel, not to bowl, so I'm content :). Also, because I'm now closer to Obregón, we left for the conference in the morning instead of the day before. Boy, it's so much fun waking up before 5 in the morning to catch a bus....

On Tuesday, we had our zone conference. We've been trying to implement Elder Bednar's Teaching Model on inviting the spirit more by having prepared for the conferences beforehand, asking inspired questions and letting everyone else do the talking so that the spirit can testify more. It was amazing! We've been applying this model to our investigators as well and we saw miracles with in our lessons. Our dear friends, all by themselves, were able to find the answers to their own questions though the help of the Holy Ghost. Without them realizing, our investigators bore their testimonies to us and discovered their own desires in regards to the gospel. It was amazing helping them discover the light they've been looking for.

After the zone conference, all of us USA missionaries got together to sing the national anthem. Haha I can't believe we all still knew it! Haha also, one could tell that we all need to practice our high notes :)

Also, to finish zone conference, my wonderful companion and 4 other missionaries bore their final testimonies. I can't believe how fast time flies!! In our district of 8 missionaries, 4 of them are going home this transfer... haha our district leader has named it the Panteón (aka cemetery). 

Happy fourth of July! Sister Bunting and I took a picture
with the only American thing we could find :)
We had splits with the sisters in Huatabampo after the conference and I got to go with a lovely sister from Pleasant Grove. We celebrated our fourth of July by eating ice cream while waiting for the bus... it was better than the BYU creamery!

Then... it rained.... and rained... and rained some more! We were caught soaking in the rain on Sunday before heading over to lunch with the members. Haha and we got lost, so we were even more wet! I love this missionary work! Mexico doesn't have the best plumbing in the world, so we had to cross rivered streets with our shoes off :) haha I was worried for my little companion, Hna. Carvajal, because she mentioned that she had once been carried away by the water when she tried crossing a water-flowing street. Good thing the water was only up to our ankles. Now, we're enjoying the mud and the frogs (and Hna. Carvajal screams when she sees a frog) :) I love Navojoa so much! 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!!

Hermana Zubeldia

I curled my hair for the first time in months for church. And then it rained! Just my luck!

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