Monday, June 8, 2015

Time Flies

Dear Family,

Time flew by way too fast this week! I can't believe it's Monday again! It probably went by so fast because we went to Obregón on Tuesday, had the zone conference on Thursday, and then had "divisions" on Friday. Or, it might have gone by so fast because my brain is melting with all this heat :). All the short moments we had in our area were dedicated to strengthening investigators, members, and finding the "escogidos" that are waiting for this gospel.

Here we are in Obregón. We had a water activity
before the meeting and were soaking wet. :)
We had the most amazing meeting in Obregón! Every moment was filled with the Spirit and the part I enjoyed most was the practice we did of "finding the escogidos." Heavenly Father truly puts the prepared in front of us and knows exactly who is and who isn't ready to hear this Gospel. Every day, He helps us find those who are looking for the truth. It's up to us to find, teach, and continue to find and teach. It is so fun contacting, trying to find the Lord's prepared people! 

This is how we sleep at night.
Haha. We're still sleeping in the kitchen and front room. We've learned how to handle the heat missionary-style: We pour water all over our mattresses and put wet towels on the fans, then wake up at 3 in the morning to re-wet everything again. Haha every night is an adventure! A member came today and helped us fix our AC again.... pray that it works!

We are working with many people, but our friend that is progressing most is Gonzalo, the husband of a member. He has come to love going to church every week and he is a riot! Really, he is super funny and you never know what he's going to say. On Saturday, he wanted us to visit his neighbor, but he didn't want to go visit his neighbor with us (he wanted to see what would happen...), so he watched us walk down to his neighbor's house and watched us knock his door. When the neighbor didn't answer, Gonzalo started making huge arm movements and yelled at us to knock harder, but to no avail. Then Gonzalo made motions for us to walk under the garage door and find him. Haha we were dying with laughter. His neighbor never heard us (he was in the back of his house with the AC on), so we're going to pass by later today. Our goal is to help him finally make the decision to be baptized on the 19th of July. Please pray for him!

Lots of stuff happened this week :) I'm so glad that the Lord is helping me the way He knows I need to be helped. We had the normal ups and downs of missionary life, but I learned a great lesson this week: the importance of integrity. If we are true and honest with ourselves, we will always be honest with those around us. Yes, sometimes it's inconvenient doing what's right, but (as said by an elder here), if we are a leader that everyone likes, then we're not being a good leader. We, as disciples of Christ, need to be true to the Lord at all times and in all things. In the October(?) conference of last year, there was a talk that discussed the importance of representing the Lord (Which Way do you Face). I am so glad that I am here to represent my Savior and Redeemer!! This work is so amazing!

Have a great week!

Hermana Zubeldia

Another picture in Obregón. I'm having fun finally figuring out my camera! Hooray for black and white!

In Obregón
The city has been displaying their pride and we found this on our way home from church.
How cool is this picture, right?

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