Monday, March 30, 2015

Hellos and Goodbyes

Dear friends and family,

Hna Garcia, Hna Shiraki, and me at the bus station.
Haha it´s a picture of the "grandma," "mom," and "granddaughter."
That´s three generations! Haha and we´re all 20 years old :)
We had transfers!!!! After 3 marvelous transfers, Hna. García and I have been separated. Hna. García has been the most amazing companion in the world, and I thank Heavenly Father for putting us together and keeping us together for such a long time. Hna. García will be in the mission President's ward in Obregón, and I will be staying here in Macapule. Six months in Macapule! Or more, depending on what happens next. I will be with Hna. Pech, a sister of all smiles from Yucatán. She went to Barrio Mayo when I left it, so we'll be having a blast talking about how Mayo is doing. Hna. Pech has one more transfer than me on the mission and I am very excited to work with her. :) When I dropped Hna. García off at the bus station, I got to see Hna. Shiraki! It was great to see such sweet faces.

Well, Lucila did not get baptized on Saturday.... but, she's still interested in getting baptized! She went to the women's conference on Saturday with us and invited a guy friend to church yesterday. We're hoping to start working with him soon. Lucila will get baptized someday (hopefully soon). Of that, I am sure! It's just a matter of her resolving a couple of things in her life first.

We found the most amazing family this week! Lupita, a single mom of 3, invited us in, and told us that she used to be part of the Catholic church, until she read the Bible... :) It was great listening to her ask questions about the church and help her understand why there are so many different bibles. After an intense lesson about the Restoration, she and her cousin, Eliu, accepted to learn more and to prepare for baptism in the right way, by the right authority. She couldn't go to church this Sunday, but we will continue to work with her and her cousin as they read the Book of Mormon and learn more about this glorious gospel.

I don't know what else to write about.....oh.... I'M SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Yep, that sums up my feelings :P

Also, the church has made a wonderful video: Because He Lives (Gracias a que Él Vive). It is such a powerful and inspirational video. At the end, it exhorts us all to find Christ. How do you plan on finding our Savior? What are your goals to become closer to Him? He always has us in sight, but do we, as imperfect individuals, have Him in sight? The bishop of Macapule made a great comment: He asked, "Do you love Christ?" (well, yes!) "Bueno, what are you willing to do for Him?" Of course, we all will say, "everything!" But then we have to think, are we doing everything? What do our actions, thoughts, and words say? Now that Easter is here, I invite you all to watch the video and apply it to your life! Learn as much as you can about the Savior, and your appreciation of the Savior will deepen without bounds.

Love you all!

Hermana Zubeldia

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