Monday, March 23, 2015

300 days...

Dear family,

I have officially been on the mission 300 days. Isn't that crazy? We celebrated by cleaning the house, washing the laundry, buying groceries, visiting the bishop's wife, eating lunch, and now, writing the family. Life is sure fantastic :)

The other day I was thinking, "what have I learned on my mission?" During my training, I learned what it meant to have hope and patience with myself; I also learned the importance of the sabbath day. In my 3rd transfer, I learned about the importance of prayer and the miracles it can provide. In my 4th transfer, I learned how to love those who were/are around to me; how to help others feel the love of Christ. In my 5th transfer, I learned that I still had much to improve and focused on chapter 10 on PMG. In my 6th transfer, I learned how to develop leadership skills. I've noticed that every transfer has had a highlight of something important that I learned... except this one. I was thinking to myself, "this transfer has been way to easy! what's up?"

Then, it hit me. Lucila is so close to being baptized this Saturday, so we decided to do a pre-interview. We discovered something crucial that she never mentioned to us before. She had hinted that she has Christian friends that have helped her come out of tough situations... She always told us that she wanted to get baptized in the LDS faith. On Thursday, she told us that she was deciding between the two churches as to were she wanted to get baptized (after we've clearly explained over and over what it means when we say that we have the authority). She said that she was leaving town for the weekend and that she would pray and fast to find out what to do. We were later told that she was going to a Christian camp! She came home last night, but we haven't seen her yet.

I was so sad! Really, I couldn't think the rest of the day. But the Lord knows what is up, as always. On Friday, everything I studied had to do with faith, prayer, and fasting. This transfer is a transfer to build my faith, helping me understand that this is the Lord's work, not mine in any way. We have prayed nonstop, fasted with other missionaries, and called many other to seek guidance and prayers. We've also continued sending scriptures to Lucila and her family has we have been during throughout the month.

When people say that the mission changes people, I testify that it does. There are so many things one learns in the mission field. Heavenly Father has taught me so much throughout the months. It's been such a humbling experience understanding how to apply the gospel to my life and accept the will of the Father. I am so grateful that there are still many months ahead to learn and to grow.

I love you all! Please pray for Lucila and Eduardo (her nephew) and Adilene (her daughter). 

Hermana Zubeldia
Here we are, goofing off :D
 Hna García and I wanted to thank the most amazing couple in Los Mochis today because they invited us to eat with them, so we wrote them a card. They were the first people we met when we arrived 3 transfers ago. They're our miracle couple!
 Here's the other side of the card. Hna. García is so artistic!

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