Monday, March 2, 2015

Ready to harvest

Dear family,

This week was pretty great! We didn't have anything too crazy happen to us, so this letter might be shorter than the usual. 

Lucila and her whole family are progressing rapidly! Lucila's niece came to church yesterday and loved it :) We haven't been able to teach her a lesson yest, but our goal is to have both her and her brother, Eduardo, ready to make the huge leap of faith to come closer to Christ and be baptized for the 28th of March. We gave Lucila the Liahona from the last General Conference last night and she's excited to read it. We've made a goal to send her scriptures every day to help her strengthen her testimony of the Book of Mormon and to brighten her day. Really, she is such an amazing person! I don't know how to describe how much I love her and her family! We were able to break the fast with her and Adilene (her daughter) yesterday and enjoy a nice meal of ceviche. These women are so precious! I feel like the motto we've created with them is based on Proverbs 31:10. What they want is to strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father, and it's such a blessing to be able to help!

Miracle moment (and again, with food): Right before going with Lucila and Adilene, we contacted a couple and were talking to them for a couple of minutes. After setting a day to return, the wife offered and gave us a tupper of ceviche! So great :) We were able to bring the ceviche to Lucila's home, adding to the meal (of ceviche), they had already prepared.

A moment this week that I will remember always and forever was when I got to work with Hermana Hernandez. She is a great missionary from Aguascalientes and her area doesn't focus on finding investigators, rather it focuses on less actives. It's so cool!  She and I walked for over 2 hours to work in an ejido (I think it's translated into "houses in the middle of nowhere, with no paved roads, where there are chickens and dogs with rabbis in the streets." We have one in our area, but it's 20 minutes away). We got to talk for two hours in the sun, walking past fields of corn, chile, strawberries, and potatoes, without no one in sight. We talked about the gospel, investigators, less actives, the mission, and her awesome family. Two hours! It was crazy! But it was great! She helped me find a way to talk about the law of chastity with Adilene in a way that would inspire her to get married instead of offending her (and it worked!)

Well, this email is the size it normally is... that's awesome :D. I love you guys! 

Como dice la escritura: "esfuézate y sé valiente!" Make an effort this week to be true to the gospel! Joshua 1:5 (and 9)

Love you!

Hermana Zubeldia

Look at this! They're called "judios!" and are part of the catholic traditions during Semana Santa. What a shame that I couldn't take a picture from the front! They were in masks and they were making noises with drums. Also, their "heads" with the fur and all are actually masks placed on top of their heads, making them appear super tall!

Sofia has been asking me how big the church building is (square feet and everything). I have no idea, so I decided to take a picture of the church and you guys can figure out for yourselves :)

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