Tuesday, March 17, 2015

La Ayuda del Señor!

Dear friends and family,

I was in Obregón all day yesterday and had no time to write, so I'm able to quickly write the family letter right now. Sorry if I haven't responded to the personal letters you have sent. I'll get to that next Monday (Liz, I'll write you soon!).

I got the family package! Thank you for the pillowcase and the letters! You are all the best, really! I love you all so much!

Yesterday was so fantastic! After leaving Hna. García to be with some other sister missionaries, I went to Obregón Sunday evening for a meeting on Monday. Hna García had a P-day full of hikes, parks, and all that jazz, but I also got some great news in Obregón... Maria Jesús went to the temple last Saturday!!!! Oh my goodness gracious!!!! Also, her father-in-law, Estanislao, got baptized on Friday!!!! I love this work!

Then, yesterday, we talked, and talked, and talked. ¡La misión de Obregón va a progresar muchísimo! There are so many goals and actions that are going to be taking place in the near future. Get ready to hear about the miracles!

We found 2 such sweet families this week! One is a single mom, Lucero, and it was so amazing to teach her. We focused on the restoration and how we can repent in the right way through the right authority, and she willingly accepted to be baptized after feeling the spirit of the Lord touch her heart. Claudia and her family are also excited to hear more, but weren't able to attend church on Sunday. Instead, the asked us to visit them again today after lunch and tomorrow morning.

Sorry that this letter is so short! I got to run. Love you

Hermana Zubeldia

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