Monday, November 23, 2015

I love you all!

Dear Family,

This week.... was a week I will always remember.... Haha we had highs and lows. Do I start with the highs or with the lows? :) There are more highs than lows, so i'll start with the one little low...

The low: We both got dengue. Let me just say that no one should ever get dengue. It doesn't exist in Utah, so you are all going to be okay. When we weren't in the hospital, we were in bed. It was pretty hilarious really because we became friends with the nurses and there were a bunch of jokes :) My companion had it worse than I, so I would leave her with a sister and I would work with another sister in our area. I had gone through the whole mission without dengue and... it got me. But we're all good now :D

The highs:
  • We had divisiones with Huatabampo and it was awesome being with such great sisters!
  • The members helped us out a bunch and kept us stocked with food! We didn't even buy food today because they gave us so much.
  • We saw some AMAZING miracles with our friends this week. I'll talk more about this next week.
I learned a huge lesson on gratitude this week. The Lord helped me see all the blessings He has given me throughout my mission. He truly cares for me and my companion as much as He cares for the people we help every day. This week was truly humbling for me because He taught me A LOT and I am so grateful that He is still giving me more time to keep on working as one of His servants. Alma 26:12

Hermana Zubeldia

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