Monday, November 16, 2015

Emotional Roller Coaster

Dear Family,

This week has been emotionally crazy! We have had our highs and our lows. It has been all over the place. I'll start with the highs of the roller coaster and then I'll get to the lows...

The highs: well, I'm writing my favorite people right now and I have seen some great pictures that have made me smile :D Thank you! Another high is that we spent some time with the other sisters today and went to eat Mexican Chinese food. I ordered a "Mexican Sushi"... and it had bacon. Oh yes.

Another high is that we have been working a lot with the young adults in the yard and we have found many of their friends to teach! The young adults are going to have a convention with all the youth in the mission the 16-19th of December and we have a few investigators going, I am so excited for them! All the the young adults were as anxious as we were on Sunday morning, hoping everyone would come. They were also as happy as we were when they came :) I love working with the members! We have a group of 2 returned missionaries and 2 that are waiting for their mission calls, and it has been a blast working with them.

Another high is that we have had some pretty amazing Family Home Evening with the members and with our investigators, especially with Esperanza, Kitzia, and Yavel. We have been helping get everyone ready to enter the temple in December and focusing on the family history of the members and our investigators. It has been so much fun!

Another high is that we went to Obregón on Friday for a meeting and I got to see some of the great friends of the mission! I can't believe that time has been moving by so fast for all of us! We have all changed so much!

And now, our sad low: The brother of a family I helped enter the waters of baptism passed away on Saturday and they are all VERY sad. We didn't find out until Sunday evening and we were with them for a while helping out. The ward leaders were notified and we held a service in the church just before I started writing you guys. It has been pretty crazy. Everyone was saying Catholic prayers in the front room on Sunday... while the Elders and the members of the ward were in the back room with la Familia Duarte, giving priesthood blessings and singing hymns. It was a big contrast, and let me say that the spirit was felt VERY strongly in the back room. 

I love being part of this gospel! We have had so many opportunities to share the gospel and to share the plan of salvation this week. I am so happy knowing that I am sealed to a family that loves me and it comforts me to know that I will see ALL my family members again in the next life. I have never been happier and I hope that we can share this happiness with EVERYONE! Because everyone needs to hear this message of joy :)

I love you all! Please pray for Esperanza! She wants to get baptized but is having trouble getting the permission from her husband. We need to see a miracle and a change of heart! We're going to have a family home evening tonight with them and a member. Your prayers are much appreciated!!!

Hermana Zubeldia

My companion and I heading to Obregón at 7 in the morning...
my companion is borrowing all of my clothes because she's tired of hers :)

Here are the great missionaries of Barrio Aeropuerto.
We went to a meeting in Obregón and my companion decided that we
should show pride for our ward by all wearing blue :)

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