Monday, August 24, 2015

Mud, beautiful mud!

Dear family,

It sounds like everyone had a wonderful summer, which is fantastic! Everyone here is starting school as well, so we've been having to make better plans to catch the youth we've been teaching. Good luck with school, everyone! I'll just keep on studying my scriptures and PMG everyday ;)

This week had its up and downs, but, in the end, it's all going as it should. The ups included finding some fantastic people to teach! Really, I can't believe how much the Lord is helping us! We found a family thanks to our wonderful new friend and member, Mónica, and everyone is very excited to learn more about the gospel. Mónica invited her friend to our English classes, her friend liked them, and now the whole family is on board! One of the girls in the family goes to school with our ward mission leader and was very excited to learn about why we act different and why we are happy people :) I love how every member is a missionary here! The down with this situation is that, due to uncontrollable issues, they couldn't go to church yesterday. The Lord knows what's up :)

Another up is that we visited our wonderful friends, Esperanza and her family! We got to teach her husband, José, and he told us that he felt something inside his heart when we talked about the gospel. Esperanza immediately let him know that he was feeling the Holy Ghost (!!!!) I love her so much! The Holy Ghost is working wonders here and it's wonderful seeing people grow and learn. 

Kenia, a wonderful 17 year old, is still progressing and investigating. She has stopped drinking coffee and easily accepted the law of chastity. She's super excited to join JAS some day Pray for her!!! We're going over to her house tonight to talk about her her goals, plans, the Sabbath day, and tithing.

We had divisiones this week with two wonderful sisters. We all learned a lot and we all found things that we can improve on, which was great. It's always great doing divisions because all of us can apply what we learn to our areas.

And well, that was my week! It's been raining tons and I almost lost my shoes last night in the mud. Haha everything is so muddy! I am never going to forget these wonderful moments! One knows when it is about to rain because everything get muggy and super hot, and then... it pours like cats and dogs!

Read D&C 84:80. It's super great :)

I love you guys!

Hermana Zubeldia

 The "lake" below used to be a street :-)

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