Monday, August 17, 2015

Because I'm Happy :)

Dear family,

Where do I even begin? Really, this week was a week to remember. The Lord showered us with tender mercies and I reminded me again that I will always be in His debt.

On Tuesday, a young woman, Selma, walked into the church after our district meeting and asked us about the church. We gave her a tour and she asked us to teach her, saying that she wanted to better her relationship with God. We went to her house on Wednesday and she was so receptive! We were able to set a date for her to prepare to be baptized and she has tons of potential! Wow! 

On Wednesday, we discovered three new members in our English class: Esperanza, Kitzia, and Yabel. We contacted Kitzia last week and invited her to our English classes, and she brought her family! They loved the church instantly and found faces they knew.

On Friday, we were able to help our dear friend, Rosario, enter the waters of baptism. It was such an amazing service! He invited Kitzia, Esperanza, and Yabel and they were able to witness his baptism. Afterward, Esperanza was without words as she tried to describe to me the "fire" she had felt in witnessing the baptism of one of her friends. She said that she didn't now if she wanted to laugh or to cry because she could't describe her feelings. After helping her understand that this was the Holy Ghost, we scheduled an appointment the next day. They were all very so happy! The Spirit touched their hearts in such a way that they accepted to be baptized in September. 

Sunday was a day of even more miracles! All our friends who came to church were just glowing!!! The members were amazing and helped us help our friends go to Primary, Young Women, Single Adults, Priesthood, and Relief Society. The Spirit was so strong and testified to our friends that this church is true. This church is so true!!! I know it is!! The gospel we know is the true gospel of Christ and it is changing lives!

Looking back on the week, I am still stunned to see that the Lord loves us so much! This isn't my work, this isn't my companion's work. Everything that happened this week was done through the tender hands of He who loves all of us. I can't believe my Heavenly Father as allowed us to witness so many miracles! It makes me want to strengthen my relationship with Him much much much to be able to thank Him for all that He has done.

I love you all! I invite you guys to visit with the missionaries this week! It will help make the day of the missionaries, of the investigators, and yours as well!

Hermana Zubeldia

This is how we have fun in Navojoa

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