Monday, July 13, 2015

Another week!

Dear family,

Another week has gone by... and it went by way to fast! I'm trying to remember everything we did, because we worked a ton, but it all went by too quickly to remember specific moments. 

On Tuesday, we had splits and I got to go with Hna. Weeks, an amazing missionary from California. It was so fantastic! She's a super hard worker and we contacted as much as we could to help out the area. It was one of the most successful splits I've had on the mission because we were able to figure out how to solve a problem that she has been having. Really, the Spirit helped us out so much! The Spirit guided us to the core of the problem doing companionship study and guided us to the solution. It was such an amazing experience!

We've been helping la familia Duarte learn to love to read the Book of Mormon and we gave them a sheet to be able to update their reading every day. They now have a mini competition between all of them to see who can finish the Book of Mormon first. The Spirit has been helping us out a ton with them and I know that the Holy Ghost is helping them gain deeper testimonies of this gospel. 

Something big I learned this week is the importance loving people to death. When we love people unconditionally, they feel it, making them want to change by their own accord. We can never force people to change and change is not easy. But, when we love people as the Savior loves them, they begin to change all by themselves, making the experience all the more meaningful. We are all imperfect and we all need to feel the love of others to overcome our imperfections.  Loving the Lord and loving others is the key to success in missionary work and in life in general. I have gained a better appreciation for this powerful principle and I hope to better apply it here in the field. I am so glad that Christ is the perfect example we all need to follow to learn to love those around us. 

I love you all! And sorry that I have no pictures this week! The week went by so fast that I forgot to take pictures to send home. 

Have a great week!

Hermana Zubeldia

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