Monday, July 20, 2015

We have to think!

Dear family,

Hna Carvajal and I. I love this sister so much!
This week was a crazy one! It was our most productive week of the transfer, but Hna. Carvajal and I feel like there is still so much more that we can do here! We're going to be working extra hard to help prepare the marvelous people in our area.

Where do I start... haha I had so much to say before I started this letter, and I forgot all of it, stinkers!

We helped a wonderful friend, Angel, prepare a his first talk for sacrament meeting. Angel has completely turned his life around and was baptized a month and a half ago. He loves the church and has a strong testimony of this gospel. You should have seen the look on his face when he found out that he had to give a 10 minute talk about repentance and baptism. Haha he was so worried for an eternity of 10 minutes in front of everyone! We went over almost every day of the week to help him find scriptures, sources, and to help him practice. He would say, "hermanas, you guys have some homework to do to help me out," and we would reply, "oh no no, it is you who has to study this one what! you have to think doing your talk." haha he would say, "What!? I have to think! oh no..."  He practiced, practiced, and practiced, and gave a great talk. I love seeing people grow through this gospel. It so amazing being a part of this work!

We had a lesson with an older woman (around 70ish) that totally took me by surprise. We asked her if she was married, and she quickly replied that she wasn't, and that she had no intentions of getting married. She and her "husband" had raised 4 children, and she counseled all of them to never get married because it was a ridiculous thing to do. She was annoyed that one of her sons didn't heed her advice and got married! Oh my goodness gracious! Hna. Carvajal and I just looked at each other in amazement! The woman was convinced of her opinion and nothing we said could change her mind. It's crazy that Satan is so good at destroying the essence of family! I'm so glad that my family is safe and sealed :)

We had many opportunities to share the message of the Restoration this week and explain the importance of prophets, the Book of Mormon, and the gloriousness of this gospel. Every time we share this, I have a deeper appreciation of the love our Heavenly Father has for us in providing us with the gospel. I can't wait to give Him a big hug someday! It's crazy to think that the world was without the gospel for such a long time! In Jesus the Christ, chapter 40, the apostasy is explained is such detail that it just breaks one's heart to see how the church was destroyed and how the doctrine was lost. But, here it is again! It's so amazing!! We are all so blessed to be part of the true church!!! Hurray for Israel!

I love you all!

Hermana Zubeldia
Here are the missionaries in our ward, Barrio Aeropuerto.
Ya... the Elders are kind of crazy, but they're hard workers :)

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