Monday, December 8, 2014

What a week!

Dear family,

What a week! Hna. Garcia and I worked like crazy !!! We made sure that we had members present in as many lessons as we could, and we kept on working as if our lives depended on it (and they kind of do :) ). But really, this week was so productive! We are going to make sure every week is like the one we just had.

So, I have great news from my 2 siblings! 1) My sister,  Sister Susana Zubeldia, is going home from her mission next week! She has faithfully served the Lord the past 18 months and it  is now time for her to go home. She has been such a great example to me while I have been serving. Her letters, her advice, and her love have helped me every single week of my mission. 2) My brother was able to teach my family in Spain!!!!! After 25 years of my dad being a member, his family finally went to church, in the same church building where my dad met the missionaries for the first time. Even though my brother Pablo received transfers soon after, I know that his work in Bilbao (where the family is) has changed the lives of our loved ones forever. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the Zubeldia family.

We're teaching a little boy named Alex, and it has been such a cool experience. He's 10, so we've had to change our teaching methods to primary-style. Wow! It is so much fun! We've been drawing pictures,  making 3D demonstrations, and all kinds of stuff to help him learn during companionship study. Great stuff!

Our bathroom is finally clean!!!
We finally finished cleaning up the disaster of a house we had! We tackled the bathroom, bought a new shower curtain (if you could call what we had before a shower curtain,  it's now in the trash) and we finally feel like we have a house of order where the spirit can dwell. It's so much fun fixing things! Two weeks ago, we were ready to find a new house... Now, after cleaning and adding a woman's touch (haha which is kind of ironic, seeing that Sister missionaries have lived there for a while) we are very happy to stay in our home for as long as the Lord allows. 

I love this Gospel! It has been an honor and a privilege to share what I know to be true with others. As we embrace this Christmas season, I invite you all to watch the video "He is the Gift."  The true gift of Christmas is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Watch the gift, love the gift, and SHARE the gift. I love you! John 3:16

Hermana Zubeldia

Our Nativity

Feliz Navidad!
We found a Christmas tree in our house and a Nativity scene. I love Christmas!

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