Monday, December 15, 2014

I saw the mouse!

Dear family,

Hello everyone!!! I hope that  your week  went amazing because you all deserve it! My week was so great! Hna. García and I are working hard on protecting everyone so that we help all the people in our area come unto Christ. The Lord has been so good to us this past week, which makes me just want to work harder and continue helping the wonderful people here in Los Mochis.

Our good friend, José, is doing excellent! José is a 12 year old who is a Nephi at heart. We have been teaching him these past 3 weeks and he has been reading the Book of Mormon faithfully, then helping his 16 year old sister, Claudia, do the same. He also found a study book about the gospel principles and the life of Joseph Smith, and has been reading it the past week. This guy is a future Moroni! We taught him the importance of tithing, fasting, and the word of wisdom yesterday during church, and accompanied him to the youth Sunday School and a class with the bishop. The class with the bishop was about tithing (I love how the Lord works) and José blew everyone away with all the answers. Really, he is such a spiritual giant! It has been so humbling to work with him! He is very excited for his baptism this Saturday.

Alex is also progressing tons! We have finally become one of his friends, which is fantastic. His friends on the block have also started coming up to us, too, which is even better! It was so much fun yesterday to go get Alex for church and to have all his 15 or more buddies come running over to shake our hand :). We'll be having a fun family home evening with him and his friends to teach them all the 10 commandments :D.

Hna. García is so amazing! She taught me a way to share the scriptures that she learned at the MTC that is awe-inspiring! She is such a great missionary and has so much energy to serve and to love those around her. We have both learned so much since we've been together and we plan on learning even more.

I found the mouse that has been hiding in our house :) All we have to do is find a way for it to stop coming in.... we named it Korihor because Korihor was trampled in the scriptures..... we hope to find a mouse trap soon. Can someone please tell me who was the antiChrist who died the "ignanimous death"? I've been looking for that scripture for days now because I want to change the mouse's name.

I know this Church is true. Anyone who doesn't know can read the book of Mormon, a testament that tells the world that Christ lives, he loves us, and our salvation depends on him. The Book of Mormon is the key to our mission efforts, the key to knowing that what the missionaries are saying is true, and the keystone of our religion. I am so grateful that God loves us so much that he gave us this book. I know that anyone who chooses to read it, with real intent, will discover of it's truthfulness through the promptings they receive from the Holy Ghost. Read this book! Then, share this book with others! The Book of Mormon changes lives. If you don't believe me, read it! Find out for yourself!

I love you guys! See you on Christmas!

Hermana Zubeldia

¡Todo está bien en Sión!

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