Monday, December 29, 2014

Me encanta el Evangelio!

Dear everyone,

This week was absolutely amazing! The best part was celebrating the wonderful birth of our Savior by seeing the people that I will get to be with forever and always: my family! It was so much fun talking to all my siblings and seeing Élder Zubeldia through a confusing 3 way Skype call. Everyone has gotten so big! I have pictures of my family here on the mission, but I have realized that they are very outdated. I have a feeling that everyone is taller than me now, except for 5 year old Soraya. I am so thankful that we have all been sealed together for time and all eternity.

Here are our goodie bags wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
We spent Christmas Eve as a P-day, so we decided to be creative in that we would start working at 6pm. Hna. García and I made goodie bags of cookies and marshmallows, along with cards of "Él es la Dádiva" ("He is the Gift") and passed them out to members, investigators, and people on the streets. We found some awesome references and even a new investigator! I love knowing that the Lord blesses us in our efforts to help others learn about the Gospel. Everyone learns about the gospel in their own way, in their own time. It's so much fun finding new and creative ways to reach out to others, discovering if it is their time to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday was probably the best way to end the last week of the year! Hna García and I were asked to give last minute talks in Sacrament meeting because it seemed that the designated speakers were not coming (they ended up making it to church, but we were still asked to speak along with them). After sacrament meeting, we were then asked to teach the single adults because their teacher was on vacation. We were able to give a lesson about missionary work (oh yes!), the light of Christ, and the power the single adults have as missionaries. Everyone participated, which was fantastic! I love this gospel!

But it was after church that was the amazing part. I've had a little cold and sore throat this week due to the cold weather (After getting used to 120 degrees, 60 degrees is super cold, trust me!) and my blanket isn't the best help in the world. After finding more blankets for our home and discovering that I wasn't getting any better, my companion and a woman in the ward suggested a priesthood blessing. We called the Elders, who were about 2 minutes away from where we were, and they were able to come to the sister's home to give me a blessing. I love the power of the priesthood! I know that this power is real and that it heals. I know this power comes from God and that the Elders, my dad, our leaders, and many others have the privilege of holding this power. The Priesthood is an ancient, yet timeless, power that God gives those who are worthy so that all can enjoy it's blessings. It was so amazing to understand this power a bit more as I was receiving the blessing and discovered that my throat no longer hurt. Again, I love being a missionary!

Wow, this letter is long! I'm almost done....

It was awesome! We put vanilla pudding, then cookies, then chocolate pudding, then crunch bar! What a wonderful way to feel good about the day!
Fun moments of the week: We made a pie! All by ourselves! It was probably the best pudding pie I have ever tasted ;). Also, we made cookies! Real ones! We helped the bishop's wife on Saturday learn how to make soft chocolate chip cookies. My grandma side came out as I was finally able to use the measuring cups that I brought with me on the mission (one can never know when they might need measuring cups). Needless to say, I was super excited!

Okay, no more pictures of food... except this last one! We made cookies that I have been craving ever since I left the states. And they tasted the same! That was the tastiest service project I have ever done :)

Also, we officially caught Nehor/Korihor! We bought a mouse trap, finally, and the poor guy was caught within a few hours. Hna García felt super bad about the whole scenario, but neither her nor I want him scuttling around our house any longer....... he died an "ignanimous death."

I love you all!

Hermana Zubeldia

Merry Christmas Picture

​Haha okay, all I'm sending are pictures of us with food, but we actually do work! To celebrate our last week of the transfer, Christmas, New Years, my 7 month mark, and P-day, we bought a Little Ceasar's pizza. We didn't know where to eat it, so we sat down on the curb by a school and ate it on the street :) Hooray for the sister missionary hobos!

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