Monday, November 3, 2014

Every day gets sweeter :)

Hello everyone!

Another hard week of work has come and gone, and I am ever so grateful that I have many more weeks to work and see miracles. The weather has finally calmed down and we are no longer dying of heat. It's a tender mercy of the Lord that will continue to bless us the next few months...

I have no idea what kind of bug this is, but you're only in the mission field once! :D
Fun moment of the week: Hna. Munive, the mission president's wife, had a bunch of dried(?) crickets(?)...I'm not sure what they were.... but I ate one! She was so excited when she waved me over to eat whatever bug she had. I still can't believe it I ate it! I actually ate two! And I'm not dead, so all is well :)

Miracle of miracles, we were able to meet with César, the husband of Maria Jesús, and talked to him about the plan of salvation.... he accepted to be baptized! After our lesson, we ran to the church to tell Maria Jesús the good news. We're preparing him to be baptized at the end of the month, but I think we (by "we" I mean his wife, us, and maybe the bishop) will have to kidnap him Sunday morning to have him come to church this week. Haha I'm kidding. We're planning on visiting him many times this week with more of the brothers in the ward so that he can have a group of friends that have good standards, instead of his drinking buddies who come around every weekend.

Our good friend, Maria Teresa, came home from being out of town! Which means we can continue preparing her for her baptism! The downside of this is that she has dengue fever (I think this is translated into Dengue, or whatever virus mosquitoes here carry). She wasn't able to go to church yesterday because she's sick in bed, so we're going to go over this week and talk to her about receiving a priesthood blessing.

Yesterday was a crazy day of discovering that none of our investigators could come to church because it was Día de los Muertos and everyone was at the cemetery :/. After the sacrament, as Hna. Rojas and I were getting ready to leave to find our investigators, we talked to Bernardo (our bud who got baptized a few weeks ago). He told Hna. Rojas that he's preparing to serve a mission!!!! Ya!!! Hna. Rojas and I were happy as could be as we walked out of the church. Yes, we have hard weeks, but they are totally worth it. The Lord blesses us in other ways.

I love this work! I am so grateful that I can be out in the field with my two siblings! Life is so great :D Talk to you all soon!

Alma 30:34


Hermana Zubeldia

¡Todo está bien en Sión!

Here's my awesome zone! The members were getting ready for a Halloween party, so after our Zone Conference, we got to help blow balloons.

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