Monday, November 10, 2014

Todo su Corazón!

Dear loved ones,

Crazy things happened this week! The craziest thing that happened was that I contacted a bus! My companion had a training meeting in a different church building and, when I dropped her off, I went with two other missionaries to study and work until her meeting was over. While waiting for the bus, my Zone Leader called me for some information. When he discovered we were waiting for a bus, he challenged us to contact it (I guess he does this a lot) and to call him afterwards. The three of us were at a loss of how to do this, but I was designated to stand up front and talk to the bus passengers in general while the others would talk to individuals and get references. We did it! It was done! And wow! What an experience! It made me realize that, yes, new things can be scary. Yes, we oftentimes have to leave our comfort zones, but it's all worth it if we are working for our Savior. By the end of the experience, we came to the conclusion that there are too many things to worry about in this world than to worry about being scared. Fear drives away faith, but through faith, comes power. I am so grateful that the Lord is on our side!

We found an amazing new investigator this week! His name is Francisco Javier. He uses a wheelchair and loves everything that we have taught him thus far. He insists that all our lessons take place in the church and the brothers in our ward have rallied around to help him out, especially when it comes with helping him go home after church. I am very excited to continue teaching him as long as we can! Transfers are in 2 weeks and, even though we have no idea what's going to happen with transfers, I want to have this area full of people who are progressing :)

I love you guys! Stay strong, stay true, and work with "todo su corazón!" Eso es lo que el Señor requiere de nosotros. No la mitad, pero todo su corazón! DyC 24:12

Hermana Zubeldia

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