Monday, September 7, 2015

Let me stay!

Dear family,

We heading into our last week of the transfer and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us here in Navojoa. I know that it's the Lord's will, so I am excited no matter what happens, but I hope and pray that His will is to let me stay in Navojoa with Hna. Ortíz. We'll see what happens!

I love all these missionaries!
Here we are in el Concilio in Obregón.
This week was great and crazy. We headed over to Obregón for a meeting and it was full of the spirit! I woke up that morning with the flu, so I didn't say too much, but I loved hearing the comments of everyone else. We focused on the importance of the Sabbath and truly making it a special day for EVERYONE, including the missionaries. We also focused on how we can plan and use our time better as missionaries. 2% of our mission life is to plan the other 98%. When we use that 2% constructively, the other 98% works out as the Lord wants it to. This is the Lord's time and it is so precious!!! Also, another great part of the day long meeting was that our zone, with the merciful help of the Lord, had a ton of success!!! Never, in the history of the mission Ciudad Obregón, has Zone Navojoa had the success we had in the month of August. The zone is happy and pumped to continue working and seeing miracles in September. We are all so excited!!

I was sick with the flu throughout the week, but we continued working all the same. I was mostly better by our zone conference on Friday, so it's all good. There's too much to do here to take a break, and I'm all better now, so we'll continue working hard this week :)

We saw some major miracles this through our English classes. I'm finally getting the hang of teaching English, ¡por fín! People LOVE  free English classes! We contacted a young couple who wanted nothing to do with the church, so we invited them to our English classes. Lu e Ivan came to learn English!!! They loved the classes, and we gave them a tour with one of Ivan's friends, who happened to be a member. We were able to visit them later that week and they excited to learn more and accept the possibility of being baptized! Then, they came to church on Sunday, dresses spiffy and ready to learn (they even got their baby boy in a church shirt!) I have been loving seeing how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Angels have been preparing the hearts of the people in our area, and it has been so amazing seeing them discover that they are ready to come unto Christ.

The México City temple re-dedication is this Sunday!!! We're going to go to Ciudad Obregón again to participate. It is so great being part of the true church and being able to attend a spiritual event such as this!  

Also, for the second time in my mission, I dyed my companion's hair. Who would have thought that I would do this as a missionary?! Haha the difference this time is that Hna. Ortíz bought the right box and it turned out the way she wanted it to.

Missionary work is amazing! The Holy Ghost has been helping so many wonderful people!!! I don't even have words to describe how fantastic this all is!

I love you all!

Hermana Zubeldia
My companion and I after the water activity during the concilio in Obregón. We got so wet!!

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