Monday, September 21, 2015

Navojoa has been baptized!

Dear family,

Wow o wow, this week was completely crazy. Really, 100% unexpected. But, it was a week full of learning and growth, not to mention a week full of rain (hence the subject of the email).

The week was crazy because I was hardly in the area all week. On Wednesday morning, we surprised the sisters and went to study with them (bring breakfast, of course!) It was great studying all together and it was awesome being with other "soldiers" in the field, preparing to teach our investigators for the day. One of my goals this transfer is to have a lot of unity here in Navojoa. As said in PMG, we are called to invite others to come unto Christ. We are all on the same team and fighting for the same thing, so we must all be one in heart and mind! If you have any "unifying" ideas, let me know!

The next day, we had divisiones with some incredible sisters in Huatabampo. I love divisions! Divisions are the perfect opportunity to learn from others, and I learned so much! The sisters in Huatabampo are amazing examples of showing love to the members, something we have been trying to apply here in our ward.

Then, the next day, before I could officially unpack my bags, we got a call from our leaders saying that we needed to do special divisions with a companionship right then. What? We made the necessary phone calls and I picked up my overnight bag once again to spend time with a sister in another district until further notice. Oh my goodness gracious, I have some crazy stories for after the mission, let me tell you!

I know that this letter doesn't make tons of sense, but it makes sense to me, so all is well. I'm finally back in my area, but I have no idea how our investigators are doing because I didn't see them :/

What did I learn from all of this you might ask? Well, a lot of things! One, I learned about the importance of being true to yourself instead of being someone that you're not. Two, I learned how to demonstrate more love to those around me. Three, I learned that it doesn't matter what people say, but it DOES matter what God says. And four I re-understood the importance of having a missionary name tag. We are representatives of Christ at ALL TIMES, IN ALL THINGS, AND IN ALL PLACES. We musty be worthy to bear His name in order to preach His gospel. I wish I could explain more, but alas, time escapes me!

Also, read DyC 121:34-46. It was amazing studying this this week!

Love you!

Hermana Zubeldia
Hna. Ortiz and I. She is the most amazing companion!
She is super patient and sweet, with has been helping me out so much!

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