Monday, April 27, 2015

Turtles and Working hard

Dear family,

This email might not make sense because it's kind of all over the place.... I'll try to practice my English during language study so that I can write more fluently ;)

I love how the Lord blesses us with tender mercies. This week was a week were we worked our hearts out, and even though our investigators have their own agency (what a wonderful thing!) and they all disappeared Sunday morning, the Lord blessed us with other mercies to show that He is watching out for us. 

Monday, after writing early to you all, my companion and I went to spend some time with an investigator and her two adorable little girls. Claudia is eager to learn more and has accepted everything we have taught, but slept in on Sunday (stinkers!!!!!). We made a cake with her and then went to Parque Sinaloa (look it up) to finish our P-day in the afternoon.

They rest of the week was full of visits, service, helping out with mutual, and the wonderful life of missionary service. Our lunch was cancelled on Saturday, so we got to work even more after we quickly ate Mexican sushi :). Really, it felt so good working this week! It was such a contrast from the week before! The tender mercies arrived in it's full glory yesterday, as Hna. Pech and I went to pick up Claudia and a few others to go to church. THERE WAS NO ONE TO BE FOUND! It was crazy! We called their phones, knocked doors... all the many people who had said that they would come to church were fast asleep.... haha things got even better when we found out that the members who were to help us out with lunch on Sunday were out of town :). We hopped on a bus to get to church, only to discover that we got on the wrong bus! haha the joys of missionary life! 

The tender mercies go as follows:
1. With hopping on the wrong bus, we still were able to make it to the church! We walked all the way through the center of Mochis, arriving at the Chuch exactly at 9.
2. A less active came to church with her whole family! The oldest son, Javier, hasn't been baptized and is super excited to come back to church and to go to mutual on Saturday. We'll be visiting them on Thursday. We stopped by their house yesterday afternoon and they gave us a cupcake!
3. We were able to eat lunch with the bishop and his family. The spirit was so strong! The bishop is super smart and it was mind blowing talking about the eternities with him. He shared with us a scripture that completely blew my mind (DyC 132:26). 
4. We visited a less active, Hna. Socorrito, that is a hoot and a half. She's slowly reactivating, and was eager to give us more food than our stomachs could stand to thank us for the visit (don't worry, I'm not going to get sick again)
5. The tenderest mercy of all: We helped out with mutual on Saturday, heading over with a member and an investigator in the bus (we all contacted the bus, super fun!) The mutual turned out great, but it ended at 8:30ish and the buses don't pass at that hour. Hna. Pech and I began to quickly walk home, realizing that it was probably a 45 minute walk. A BUS PASSED! But, it wasn't just any bus, it was a bus that wasn't on the right route. It was a miracle when the bus driver stopped, asked us where we were going, and took us directly to our home! I knew the bus route the bus driver should have taken, and it wasn't where he was going, not in the slightest. It was such a miracle to have the bus driver take us directly were we needed to go! We ended up arriving at home exactly at 9! 

Yes, the area isn't progressing right now as far as investigators go (why do people sleep in, why?), but the Lord blessed us with many miracles this week and I know that He is preparing the hearts of his children. I love this work and I love knowing that the Lord is always watching over us!

Love you guys!

Hermana Zubeldia
Parque Sinaloa. Here I am, at the famous park of Los Mochis. I have no idea whose head this belongs to.
PS: I put turtles in the subject line... there were turtles in the park and I picked one up.... but I forgot to write about it :)

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