Monday, May 4, 2015

Doorknobs and tender mercies

Dear family,

The Lord is sure helping me out right now! We've been having a huge struggle throughout this transfer to bring people to church. We have many new investigators that are sincerely interested in learning more, but none of them have made the effort to wake up to attend church at 9am. They all know why they should go (we have helped them realize the importance of attending to receive testimony and demonstrate their faith to the Lord), but they all seem to disapear Sunday morning. After affirming with them on Saturday, we wake up early to help them find the church. We call them, go to their homes, and still no answer. We've talked to the members and have asked for much help and prayers, and we are planning on having as many members as possible present in our lessons and we're going to have more lessons in the church building. 

The reason that I say  the Lord is helping me out right now is because we were able to recieve many more tender mercies! For example, two of my marvelous brothers celebrated their 12th and 16th birthdays and will be ordained as a deacon and priest! The Lord is blessing the people I'm going to be with for the eternities, which means the world!

Here we are, being witnesses to a marriage!
Another tender mercy is that my companion and I were allowed to be witnesses to the marriage of Adilene and Edgar Alan. Adilene is less-active and wonderful friend of mine. After receiving answers to specific prayers, she has decided to marry her boyfriend and is extremely happy. I'm more than thrilled because it means that she can finally progress more and be able to enter the Temple someday (she and he were living together). Adilene's mom, Lucila, told us that she will be baptized, but is still refusing to accept a date. We've had to switch our focus from her throughout this transfer, but Heavenly Father is still helping her out. I'm hoping that the Lord will help us with a miracle and help her accept this gospel in her life. Please pray for her!

An area seventy, Elder Villalobos, came and spoke to us on Saturday. It was such a needed training! He brought the spirit so strong and helped me with a question that I have been dwelling on this whole transfer. I know the Lord helped guide his words, because He touched each one of us through Elder Villalobos. The Elder talked about DyC 7 (as well as many other things) and compared it to the sacrifice we have made as sister missionaries (and elders) in serving a mission. He also talked about the importance of the relationship we have with our campanion in the missionary field. If we don't have success as a companionship, we will not have a successful mission. This is so true! 

Okay, this letter is getting kind of lengthy, so I want to end with the funny moment of the week: We accidentally left the keys in our house of Saturday, so we tried breaking into our house with an old credit card that we had. After that didn't work, we called out neighbor to see if he could help us out (the neighbor is the son of a less active and he went to general conference. Sadly, his wife doesn't want him to listen to us). He decided that the best thing to do was to take off the doorknob.... in the end, we ended up taking about the whole lock! None of us knew what we were doing, but the Lord helped us along! We were all dying of shock and laughter as we practically took apart the door. And we were even more perplexed as we tried to put it together again and the pieces wouldn't fit like we expected. It's all fixed now, so that's good! 

And that was my week! I love you all! I'll see you next Sunday!

Hermana Zubeldia

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