Monday, February 2, 2015

Obedience and Miracles

Dear wonderful people,

This week was absolutely amazing! We found so many new people to teach! Sadly, no one showed up to church on Sunday because it was raining, but we aren't going to stop working until we help everyone we can understand the importance of the Gospel. There was a total of 27 in sacrament meeting and practically everyone got to bear their testimony. I love Fast Sunday! To break the fast, we ate lunch with one of my favorite friends in our ward, where we experimented in our cooking skills and made food with the random things Hna. Sarahí had in the house. So fun!

Speaking about food (as always), we celebrated the 2nd of February by buying tamales. When eating the rosca on día de los reyes, both Hna. García and I found the little toy dolls in our slice of cake. Here in Mexico, if you find the plastic dolls, you have to throw a tamale party on the 2nd of February. So we did!... in our house... by ourselves....  super fun! We're planning on having an awesome P-day next week: One of our friends, who's reading the Book of Mormon and praying, works in a Mortuary by the church and prepares the bodies. It's super weird, but pretty awesome at the same time. He invited us to visit and see(?). There no rule against visiting mortuaries, so we're planning on going with a member who has been accompanying us when we visit him to see what he does every day. haha we're both excited to find out if we'll be able to go!

Also, like Elder Zubeldia, I've had a bit of a cold. It's been great! The weather goes from hot to cold rapidly, and it's taken its toll. I'm getting better. I will survive!

The most spiritual moment of the whole week was Saturday, all day. Hna. García and I found ourselves in a situation where we were put to the test by Heavenly Father to see if we believed in exact obedience. To make a long story short, I'll tell you the story after the mission. Haha just kidding!... But really. We were caught in a situation where it could have been very easy to bend the rules out of the goodness of our hearts, but we decided to turn to the Lord in prayer before saying "" or "no". After turning to the Lord, we tried calling a leader, but to no avail, and we found our answer to our question in the mission manual, where we decided that if we wanted to be on the Lord's side, we had to keep HIS rules. In the end, we decided that exact obedience was what we needed. It was hard, trust me, but it was worth it. Our whole Saturday morning was consumed with our decision, and we set off after lunch to go teach. I have never received so many blessings in one afternoon in my whole mission! We were able to find new people, run into people who asked us to return, discover that our investigators were reading and praying, and so much more!

From our Saturday experience, my companion and I have found deeper testimonies in faith in keeping the commandments. I know that if we are obedient in life, we receive blessings. I also know that if we are exactly obedient, we see miracles. I testify that Heavenly Father gave us commandments for our safety, to guide us in our lives so that we can live with Him. They are not suggestions and should not be taken as such. We one wants to know if a commandment comes from God, LIVE IT! You will receive testimony afterward. John 7:17

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Hermana Zubeldia

We were playing around with the camera before writing to you all.
Hermana García and me. We were still having fun
Our wonderful and humble abode.
We've started watering the plants (and the dirt) and
it's finally looking like a home inside and out!

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