Monday, February 9, 2015

Life is still great!

Dear family,

This week was a week of ups and downs. As I said in a letter to my sister, I am still excited to keep on serving the Lord. I trust that He knows what He's doing. He prepares those who are ready with his Holy Spirit. All we can do is keep on working until we find the people He prepares.

This week was super special because I got to go to Obregón for a day!! Hooray! Making sure Hna. García was safe and sound with other sister missionaries in another ward, I set off to go to a conference in Obregón. The tender mercy was that I got to sleep in the same house I stayed in for 6 months! It was marvelous! The sister missionaries who are know serving in Barrio Mayo have really put their spin on the house and it looks fantastic! They even opened up another area for the ward! There are now 6 missionaries working in Barrio Mayo!!! And the new companionship is staying the house Hna. Rojas and I found! I am so excited for them! We weren't able to visit any of the dear friends I met, but I did get to see our wonderful neighbors, Hna. Olivia and Laurita! What a treat :)

We had an amazing conference in Obregón where we learned how to work better with the members, where we focused on how we can study more effectively, and talked about the importance of family history. I am so excited to work on family history here on the mission! Family history isn't just a program in the church, it's part of the Gospel. We can't be perfect without our ancestors, and they cannot be perfect without us. (D&C 128:15)

We got to experience a tender mercy yesterday. After trying to find our investigators, but to no avail, we set off for church. I was thinking to myself, "Why? Why is it so hard to go to church for these people? They were excited about going and then... poof! They're nowhere to be found." Well, with faith, all things are possible. At the last minute, the husband of one of the members walked through the door! We've been working with him, and he came! The Lord knows exactly what He's doing.

We've been working with 3 college roommates: Areli, Estefani, and Sonia. We read 3 Nephi 11 with them last night and it was such a spiritual experience! We're going to be visiting them again tonight, Wednesday, and then they will be coming to a ward activity where we will be watching "The Testaments“ (perfect!). Areli is also making plans to not go home on the weekend so that she can come to church with us.

Fun moment of the week: WE MADE BANANA BREAD! I asked my mom to send me my banana bread recipe, and we taught the young women how to make it. It was so good! And we made so much bread!

I love this work! I wish I could describe my happiness in eloquent words, but I can't. I love being a missionary!

Hermana Zubeldia

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