Monday, February 16, 2015

I´m still in Macapule!

Dear wonderful people,

I'm still in Macapule! Hooray! We received transfers yesterday and both Hna. García and I are staying. I get to learn more with my hija! That's 3 transfers! We are both so excited! The crazy thing is that Hna. García needs to have her wisdom teeth taken out today... hooray? Her dentist in Utah told her she didn't need to take them out, but they started bothering her out here. The crazy part is that it only cost 500 pesos to take them out (just for supplies, we have a mission dentist helping us out). That's less than 40 dollars! Crazy! I think I'm going to live in Mexico ;D 

Because Hna Garcia is going to be in some pain (haha she still doesn't know how much), we've made plans so that I can keep on working with a member in the ward and she'll have a sister watch over her. I'm going to be taking some awesome pictures and videos in a couple of hours :D

We've been teaching two wonderful women: Adilene and Lucila. Adilene is a less active and is almost 20. Her mom, Lucila, is 36, and is trying to change her life with the help of our wonderful Heavenly Father. They came to a ward activity and watched "The Testaments" and are now reading 3 Nefi 11. They came to church with us yesterday, we visited them yesterday, and will be visiting them tomorrow. They have loved the church websites and have already watched the movie about Joseph Smith. We gave them some more movie titles and we are so excited to be working with such fantastic people! Lucila texted us 20 minutes ago saying that her prayers have been answered when she discovered that we're both staying. I love missionary work!!!!

Hna. Franco (Argentina), Hna. Cook (Colorado), and me.
These two are the most amazing missionaries!
This week, Hna. Franco and I did splits so that she and I could surprise a companionship in the morning. We woke up super early to travel an hour by bus to an area to make breakfast for the sisters (one was my companion in the CCM) and to study with them. It was fantastic! We're planning on doing this with all the sisters, not just to eat pancakes or french toast, but to help them learn the importance of effective study. Our studies in the morning are so important in the work. If we study effectively by ourselves and with our companions, we will have the guidance of the Holy Ghost more abundantly in our lives. My goal this next transfer is to strengthen my relationship with Christ and further my understanding of this gospel during my studies. A missionary once told me that a mission helps us learn 30 years worth of doctrine in less than 2 years, but we can't do that unless we use every second of our studies effectively. Alma 17:2

I love you guys so much! Talk to you on Monday! I'll see if Hna. Garcia will let me send some of her crazy pictures.

Hermana Zubeldia

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