Monday, January 26, 2015

Eight Months!

Dear family,

I can't believe I'll be celebrating my 8th "birthmonth" this week! Time is flying way too fast, but I am enjoying every second the Lord is giving me. Every day, whether it be during our morning studies, during a lesson, or while we are on the streets, I am reminded that Heavenly Father is helping me feel His love. He truly loves and wants the best for us! What more can we ask?

These people are absolutely amazing!
And yes, the tres leches cake was absolutely delicious :)
Last Monday, after I wrote to y'all, is when the party actually began ;). It turns out that Hna. García, the Elders, the ward mission leader, and his wife, put together a little surprise birthday party for me. We were told that our weekly meeting was changed to Monday, so Hna. García and I headed over to the Elders' area to have our missionary meeting. All the lights were off, we open the door, and SURPRISE! There was cake, hot chocolate, and lots of laughs. Everyone was so sweet! I love being a missionary!

Something I love about this ward is the spiritual power the leaders have during ward council. This ward may be small, but the leaders are spiritual giants! Ward council is a time when all the leaders of Macapule come together to discuss problems, find solutions, and then...ACT! I absolutely love how this ward is so active! There are some wards that will discuss the problems for over an hour in their councils, never find solutions, then continue discussing about the problems the next week. This ward is just the opposite! They focus on how they can help the members, allowing the Lord to bless their efforts and find success. Barrio Macapule is finally recovering from their years(?) of trial, and it's amazing to be part of their ward as they are getting back on their feet. The Lord is providing this ward with so many miracles!

This little kiddo decided to be baptized!
The whole ward worked together to make this miracle happen.
The highlight of the week was the baptism of our wonderful friend, Alex. The baptism went smooth and spiritual and, best of all, Alex was so excited! He was just jumping for joy when he was waiting in the church, telling us that he couldn't wait until it was 6 pm (the time of his baptism). He was even more excited when his mom showed up, showering her with hugs. The moment that hit me the most was when he came out all in white. In my mind, I was thinking, "it was all worth it!" Alex, the little stinker :) was a handful at the beginning of our meeting with him 2 months ago, but he has completely embraced the church and the gospel! Teaching him was a roller coaster, but I wouldn't change a thing. The whole ward got a laugh when we saw him in the font and he was practically jumping for joy (and he's a shortie, so the water was probably at his chest, super cute).

Yesterday, Alex was looking sharp in his white shirt the elders got for him, and his tie that we found (with the help of a member). We have talked to the ward council to make sure he stays active for the rest of his life :) I think Alex is going to help the ward a TON! The ward now has a wonderful little boy who wants to go to church every Sunday, they have all been "called" to serve, and all of the ward members have rallied together to make sure he gets the help he needs.

I was reading about the different apostles in Jesus the Christ this morning and I found something that really touched me. Thomas, one of the apostles, was a devoted follower of the Savior (even though, like everyone, he had his faults). He had planned to follow the Lord till the end of his days (John 11:16). I got to thinking, "wow, he had planned to continue following Christ until he died! Am I prepared to do that?" Are we prepared to leave everything behind, no matter the circumstances, and follow our Savior? The apostles, as well as the missionaries in the BoM, had planned on leaving their lives behind to help others. Not knowing when they would return home, they set off to preach and to testify. What amazing conviction! I know when I am returning home, but I hope we all have the same conviction throughout our lives in serving our Savior.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Zubeldia

Hna. García and I. We have fun :D

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