Monday, July 7, 2014

Week of Rain!

Happy fourth of July! Happy 60th birthday to my amazing father!
So, this week was full of good stuff. Because it was a week to celebrate America, my companion and I wore red, white and blue to our Zone conference. When we got there, we discovered that all the sister missionaries for the US wore the colors of America to support the land we love! Go USA!  Hna Shiraki and I kept up the spirit of the holiday by celebrating with hotdogs after a long day of serving the Lord and doing what's right. This may sound crazy, but Mexican hotdogs are much better than American ones.
It rained A LOT! We got soaked!
This week has been the week of rain before the blistering heat. We have loved walking out with the breezes that pass by, and we are enjoying every raindrop because we probably won't see any more of it until next year. We were caught in a rainstorm after talking to one of our investigators, which was super great. All we could do was run to the chapel and wait with others for the rain to stop. Life is great!
One of the most amazing experiences I had this week was when we visited the mother (catholic) of a woman in our stake. She has been sick, and her daughter said that she could receive a priesthood blessing. We were told that the mother (Elia) would not accept the church, but that she was totally fine with receiving a blessing. My companion and I were able to visit with her beforehand and explain to her what a blessing was and why, through the power of the priesthood, they truly bless lives. We asked the Elders to come over to give her a blessing and set up a time when we could all be together at her home. The Elders came, gave Elia a blessing, and left, allowing my companion and I to talk to her about the blessing afterward. Elia's daughter came to participate in the discussion, and we all talked about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is different from all other churches because we have the Priesthood. I felt prompted to talk about baptism with her, so, even though we were told beforehand that she would not change her ways, I started talking. You could tell what was going through everyone's minds when baptism came up, but Hna Shiraki continued on with it. We asked Elia if she would be baptized by someone who held the same authority as those who gave her the blessing, and she said yes! Miracle of miracles!
Well, I love you all! Keep on holding true to the faith and find ways to serve others! This work is not just for missionaries with name tags, it is for everyone! Read D y C 4!
Love you
Hna Zubeldia

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