Monday, July 14, 2014

I love this mission!

Dear family and friends,
What a week! The Lord sure has us working hard to bring everyone the gospel and I am loving every second of it! Like Susana said in one of her emails (a month ago? time is kind of fuzzy now), missionary work is nothing like she expected. Truer words have never been said (besides the Book of Mormon, of course). Missionary work is nothing what I expected... I think it's better than what I expected. It's hard work, hot work, and long work, but it's good work.
We've been working with a wonderful investigator who has now attended church 4 times. He is a cheery fellow, and Hna Shiraki and I have had the pleasure of teaching him the Word of Wisdom more than once. We got him a calendar with motivational quotes and such to help him out and he has been putting checks on the days he has kept the Word of Wisdom. The best part is that it's working!!! His family is very supportive of him investigating the church and we're planning on working with them ASAP. Ward members have also been getting involved in being his friend and being amazing. President Hinckley was right in saying that every new convert needs a friend, a calling, and the word of God.
A lesson I learned this week is that it's important to get the members involved in helping with missionary work. It is VITAL to the success of the mission. We were able to get the Bishop to accompany us to teach someone... the spirit was so strong!!! Not only did the presence of the Bishop help motivate our investigator to learn more, it helped get the Bishop very excited about missionary work! We now have a ward-wide plan to have an open house where all the members will bring someone to investigate the church. I am so excited to see how this plays out! Even if I leave with the upcoming transfer, I am super excited to hear about what happens!
Elder Valenzuela (setenta) came to speak to us this week! It was pretty amazing! He focused on the importance of involving the members in missionary work and the importance of teaching when you find and finding when you teach. We should always be asking for references when we visit members. I hate to admit this, but back in Utah, I was always hesitant to give the missionaries references (there aren't many people I know who aren't members over there, but still). I have repentented of my ways and I promise on giving the missionaries references whenever I can when I come home! Member references are amazing because they already have a support system in the church. Elder Valenzuela brought a great spirit and got everyone excited to continue working. It was all pretty amazing!  Him coming also meant that we got to look our very best for the conference. Yes, we should look our very best everyday, but it's not super easy with the heat and all... Anyway, we all had a wonderful time trying to look like ¨perfect¨ missionaries :)
2 Nephi 25:26
Love you!
Hna. Zubeldia

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