Monday, June 23, 2014

What a week!

Hello friends and family!


This week was amazing! My companion and I went through almost all of the mission experiences a person could have! We had our highs and we had our lows. It was pretty amazing. 

To start off, the highs for the week included miracles left and right. We truly found some golden investigators and we are excited to continue teaching them. Two Americans CAN preach the gospel in Mexico! The Lord blessed us with miracles and truly answered specific prayers.
My companion and I make it a point to write down a miracle every day, and one of my favorites was yesterday's. Yesterday, we were kind of running short on food (do not worry, I am eating and am just fine, it was just a crazy weekend and you'll find out why soon. The Lord truly does provide for his missionaries!) Anyway, we went to church knowing that we would probably be a bit hungry until we could shop for food on Monday. During church, one of the brothers in the ward came up to us and handed us a bag of rolls, without explanation and without reason. Wow! I looked at my companion and she just smiled. I guess she has seen this happen before. The Lord truly protects his missionaries. 
Now...the crazy moments of this week: We were lucky enough to run into a 7th day Adventist... that was fun... We were told that we were pretty much doomed and that we were bringing people down with us. Oh well, I guess you can´t convert them all.
Hna Shiraki and I were VERY hot without electricity at night.
Our electricity went out after a 10 minute thunderstorm, so we came home to no light... and no cold air. My companion and I, the troopers that we are, opened the windows and slept blissfully in 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Good times! We finally got the electricity fixed. We took some awesome pictures and had a great time planning for the next day with flashlights. That will be a night I will never forget! Let's see if it happens again....

Really, I am loving my mission! It is so amazing to see people change with the spirit. It is amazing to be a representative of Christ and letting the Holy Ghost work through us to touch other peoples' lives. I've been out for almost a month and I am very excited to see what the next 17 months have in store.

Remember to look for miracles! Write down a miracle you see every day and you will discover that they are all around!


Hna. Zubeldia

Here is our humble abode...

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