Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here at the CCM!!

Wonderful friends and family,

I love you!!! Remember that always!

I've been at the CCM for a week and I have 5 more days to go! Oh my goodness gracious! Where do I start?

Before I start, let me apologize if my English skills are horrible. It has only been a week, but my writing, even speaking, skills have flown out the window. It's even hard to pray in English now. Writing in my journal each night practically ends in disaster because I'm having to translate Spanish emotions into English ones. I'll probably give up on that soon and just write in Spanish. I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be totally immersed in the Latino culture because it has given me the opportunity to improve my Spanish skills immensely and rapidly. Let's just hope I can write a real letter that everyone can understand. 

After my two lovely parents dropped me off the first day, I found my companion and we went to work (that is, sit, learn, sit, listen, sit and practice). My first emotions where: What have I done?!? There is only one other person from the United States in my zone (And guess what! He's from Kaysville! I've never seen him before, but he went to Davis and knows Pablo). Everyone else is from Mexico or South America, which made the first day super overwhelming because I discovered that my Spanish was rusty.
I have been greatly humbled here because I have had to put my complete trust in the Lord. I was even more humbled when my companion and I were made the equivalent of zone leaders, but in sister form, for our stay at the CCM. I thought "the gringa? really? are you sure???" I have had to ask for the Lord's help every second, bringing me closer to him. It has also helped my Spanish skills because my companion and I have had to talk to sisters, even some elders, to find solutions to problems they were/are facing. 

I finally know why I am supposed to be in the CCM instead of the MTC. It is to learn from the people in my zone and especially in my district. Each one of the Hermanas and Elderes have their own story and reason for serving a mission. Many of them are the only members in their family and many don't have the support of the parents in choosing to serve. They are all so excited to serve the Lord! Their examples have humbled me immensely and I have learned a lot from them. 

I'm sorry that I don't have much time to write today. My companion is begging me to leave so that we can play volleyball. If only I could spend the whole afternoon writing!

Because of the shortage of time, I'll quickly share some of my thoughts for the week: 

1. The CCM is a beautiful place (for reals) and the food is great. I've visited the doctor once or twice (to take care of Montezuma's revenge) now so that I can continue to enjoy the food ;)

2. Yes, my accent is made fun of constantly. Oh well. It will go away eventually. I'm enjoying the true Spanish accent as long as I can, before it goes away.

3. My companion, Hermana Rojas, is amazing. She's an adorable girl from Veracruz who wants to be the best missionary possible. We're both going to Ciudad Obregón and it will be great to see her out in the field. 

4. Classes are full of gospel doctrine, how to teach lessons, and hours upon hours of practice. It's all in Spanish and I received no Spanish help books upon arriving at the CCM. To learn how to use subjunctive and stuff, I'm going to get some grammar books later this afternoon. That way, I'll be perfect at speaking by tomorrow ;)

5. Someone I look up to a lot gave me a wonderful scripture before I entered the MTC. It is D&C 58:3-4, and it has helped me more than anything else this week, especially the first day.  I've also been able to share it almost every day with the missionaries in my district. It has been a great help and read it all the time.

6. I'm glad the family is doing great! Tell Aunt Wendy and her family hello for me! I can't wait to hear how EFY went!

7. The picture is of the sisters in my district: Hna. Jauregui, Hna. Rojas, me, Hna. Franco (in that order). They're all thinking, "one of these things is not like the other..."


Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Zubeldia

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