Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh Chiltepín!

Dear Family,

I'm sorry to hear that some of you are sick. That's never any fun :/ If it makes you feel any better, almost all the sisters in the zone are sick, including my companion. I'm not sick yet... let's see how long my luck lasts. I'm always with my companion.... so what she has, I get, and vice versa. I ate chile this week and they say that chile helps people so that they don't get sick (I'm going to see if this myth is true).

But really, I ate some crazy hot chile this week! I ate chiltepines!!! Oh my goodness gracious it has been almost a year since I ate my last chiltepín, and it wasn't even that hot. We were trying to see who could eat the most spice, so we ate a pickled chiltepín. It wasn't too bad, so I thought my mind could muster another round of heat. So... I ate a dried chiltepín... and my body caught fire! I was laughing and crying at the same time because my mouth and stomach were killing me! Just thinking about the experience makes my stomach feel on fire. Haha wow, it was a feeling I will never forget! I can't believe that, before my mission, I wouldn't eat chili. Now, I'm putting some of the craziest chiles in my mouth, just to see what will happen. The mission sure does crazy things to you :)

We've been working really hard and I know that the Lord is waiting to see how patient we can be in order to receive some serious help. Santiago, our 20year old investigator, went to visit his family in Hermosillo and will be gone for 2 weeks. He lives next to a chapel in Hermosillo, so we're praying that he continues going on Sundays :) He's a good kid, I have faith in him. Also, Esperanza, Kitzia, and Yaveel are doing fantastic! They invited family members to go to church yesterday and it was wonderful seeing that their family members enjoyed their Sabbath in the chapel. They're already missionaries! They just need to get baptized. The Lord is doing his work much better than we are and He knows when their time will be right. I just hope He lets us know when the right time is right as well. Maybe this Saturday?

Again, I love the mission!!! My companion is amazing and super fantastic. It's sad to think that our time as companions is coming to an end because this is the last week of the transfer :/. She has been such a blessing to me these past 3 months. We are going to work as hard and harder than we worked last week. I want this last week to be the best, who knows what is going to happen next transfer! Miracles ARE going to happen in this dusty town of Navojoa. There is so much work to do!

Also, I invite you all to not listen to "wordly music" this week and to just listen to church music. What we listen to affects every part of our lives :) So listen to MoTab and EFY. I love you guys! Let me know if you notice a difference :D

Hermana Zubeldia

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