Monday, October 20, 2014

I love Mayo!

Queridos hermanos,

¿Como están? How is everyone? This week was a great week to really have the idea sink in that I get to be with my family, FOREVER! We went to visit Maria Jesús (she got baptized 2 months ago) and we were blessed with the miracle of having her husband, César, stay and join our discussion. He talked about how he has noticed how much happier his wife is and he has liked everything he has seen in our church so far. He told us that he has seriously considered being baptized and has accepted to be taught by us. You should have seen how happy Maria Jesús was when he was telling us this! He doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but I am so excited to help this family get ready for the wonderful changes and miracles that are about to take place in their lives.

It's moments like these when I really see the impact of missionary work. We are helping families so that they can be sealed together for now and all eternity. Really, I don't know how much greater this work can get. I have been blessed to be sealed to a wonderful family, and we are now helping Maria Jesús, César, and there 3 children get ready for this covenant as well.

What other exciting things happened this week....hmmm...I ate menudo! I'm still not sure how this happened, but we went to a member's home yesterday with the other sister missionaries in our ward before eating lunch, and they fed us lunch as well, for some reason or another. Hna. Rojas and I arrived a bit late, so it was never fully explained to me as to why we ate twice. The first meal, menudo, is a soup of cow(?) intestine (look up some pictures! it's white). It's not that bad, but the intestine is a weird looking thing that can't be chewed. Fun, right? Afterward, we had ceviche with a recent convert (whose family has also decided that they all want to be baptized!). Ceviche is shrimp that is cooked (actually, just marinated), without heat, in lemon juice. After the shrimp has been "cooked," veggies are added and it turns into a delicious meal.  All in all, I am learning some great recipes!

Matthew 23:20-22

Love you!

Hermana Zubeldia

¡Todo está bien en Sión!

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