Monday, October 6, 2014


To start off, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY SISTER SUSANA ZUBELDIA! I realized this week that I have missed two of her birthdays and will miss her 23rd as well, but hey, we've got eternity! I'll be the first one to celebrate her 1000th birthday :D


Dear everyone,

This whole transfer, I have been counting down the days till conference. My fantastic companion, Hna. Rojas, would be constantly saying, "Hermana! 5 (4, 3, etc) días más!" Now that it's over, I feel like it's the day after Christmas: I'm trying to treasure every sentiment I felt over the past two days.

Conference was so amazing! I loved how the talks were focused on people who don't know much about the Church. Our prophets and apostles know what's up. They know that many people are joining the Church rapidly, making a need for basic and wonderful doctrine to be discussed and explained. They also know that we, as members for many years, need to be reminded of the beautiful simplicity of this Gospel and this Church. I know that this work is real! Our prophet, President Monson, was called of God. And now... 6 months till we get to hear him again!

Maria Teresa is progressing nicely and is so self-efficient! I loved watching her this week help a less active get to church and encouraging her to go to Conference. She is going to make a wonderful member when she get's baptized on the 25th. We had an FHE with her, Lourdes (less active) and Pedro, a very receptive investigator. It was such a great feeling knowing that they are all beginning to understand God and His plan in a different light. I love this Gospel!

As Hna. Rojas and I enter our last week of this transfer, we are excited to work hard and work with the Spirit. We have both learned so much this transfer! I can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us this week and with the transfer to come :)

Mosiah 18:8-10 (this is the scripture I'm hoping to share with Bernardo tonight when we see him. He is completely ready to be baptized!)

Love you!

Hna Zubeldia

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